KALAGRAH has done seminal work in gaining recognition for India’s modern masters whose legacies had been lost to time and apathy in the absence of sufficient viewers, collectors, promoters, curators or scholars.

The gallery’s focus has always been research-led. It has documented the works of the finest twentieth century artists, lifting them out of recent oblivion to get them their due appreciation while aligning them with various art movements across the country. Ranging all the way from pre-modern art to modern art practices and tracking the changes in response to constant innovation and experimentation, KALAGRAH’s long-term perspective has been at the forefront of most of its activities. This includes its historical curatorial exercises, its publishing and filmmaking programmes, its art appreciation workshops and education initiatives, interfaces with the financial and corporate sectors by way of talks and curated walks, relationship building with institutions and museums around the world, participation in international art fairs, or creating tactile aids for the specially-abled. KALAGRAH’s galleries in New Delhi, Kolkata, Goa and Dubai etc. are at the forefront of this movement and have provided a destination for those wanting to discover the enduring pull of Indian modern art.